THE SEVEN ‘Cs’. . .

To a more thought – full you.


Much has been written about the ‘Seven Seas.’ Today, gentle reader, I invite us to briefly explore my version of ‘The Seven Cs.’ If you have read any number of my previous entries you might have noticed that I have, not infrequently, reflected upon a number of ‘C-Word Sets’ (e.g. ‘Consciousness, Character and Conduct’ is a favorite set).

During our life-time a number of challenges will present themselves to us. These challenges show up dressed as ‘problems,’ ‘paradoxes,’ ‘polarities,’ or ‘dilemmas.’ At times we find ourselves ‘reacting’ to them and at other times we find ourselves ‘responding’ to them. Generally, an intentional response is more helpful than an inappropriate reaction (we can also appropriately react). The Seven Cs that follow have helped some folks intentionally and purposefully emerge an appropriate response and they have also helped some folks prepare so when certain events happen they are more likely to…

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